The Weaving Wagon

Sharon and I were having a programming meeting at her place, figuring out what workshops we wanted to offer and what our priorities were going to be. I blurted out I wanted to weave a bike trailer: I hauled my stuff to workshops on the naked aluminum chassis of a stripped kiddie trailer (albeit, top-of-the-line) that I had salvaged from an alley, and every time I showed up to a gig I was chagrined that here I was, an artist, a weaver, someone people looked to for inspiration for a more sustainable path forward…. and I had this incomplete hack-job of a solution to my transportation needs. I could do better.
Sharon went very still and eyed me, then asked very slowly, “Well… do you want to do that on your own …or as an EartHand project?”

I wanted to do it as an EartHand project. I want to have a big impact, and working as part of a team allows me to dream big and have the sense that I’m achieving the impact I aspire to.

We’d talked about bike trailers as an EartHand project in the past; this time, it was meant to be. The funding opportunities, the budget, the team members (Alastair Heseltine and Geoff Hibbard), the logistics, the writing came together one after the other, like the waxing moon. We blogged about the stages of the process as part of our documentation on — find the list of posts chronological at the bottom of the page.

I aim to create aspirational objects; I want to blow up the tension between what we say we want as a society — reconnecting with the land and decolonizing, in order to achieve sustainability — and the way we behave — endosymbiosis with our energy-intensive machines, for individual comfort — and fill the space with a solution so exciting and attractive that it drops jaws.

Thanks to BC Arts Council for funding this project, and Martin Borden for the film.

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